Your business is in a position where the failure to be properly equipped can mean the difference between life and death for someone under your care. Although no legal advice is offered on this website, you need to consider Occupier’s Liability legislation, your industry professional standards and guidelines, community standards of care and your personal and professional conscience.

In the hands of the rescuer lives a chance for survival.

Your Business must be a safe environment for your family,visitors and/or employees.

Are you prepared?

Four Chambers Safety Specialists is Canada’s Finest Full Service Risk Mitigation Team of Experts:

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Create a chain of survival – the absence of one could mean the difference for you and your business.

All statistics across the world are consistent in showing benefits from early CPR.

These statements are fair generalizations supported by International Heart Associations:

  • Early CPR and defibrillation within the first 3–5 minutes after collapse, plus early advanced care can result in high (greater than 50 percent) long-term survival rates for witnessed ventricular fibrillation.
  • The value of early CPR by bystanders is that it can “buy time” by maintaining some blood flow to the heart and brain during cardiac arrest. Early bystander CPR is less helpful if EMS personnel equipped with a defibrillator arrive later than 8–12 minutes after the collapse.

Sudden Cardiac Death (S.C.D.)

  • Sudden Cardiac Death from coronary heart disease occurs roughly 1000 times per day in North America. The risk in adults is estimated to be about 1 per 1,000 adults 35 years of age and older per year.

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