Our most popular workshop: Emergency Medical Responder Licensed Canadian Red Cross Instructor focus on CPR, practical skills training, and accident prevention.

Duration:1 day- 2-3 hrs

*Group Rates Available as well 3-year certification in Standard First Aid & CPR Level C Includes AED certification Includes CPR Level C (CPR information is enhanced to meet specific workplace needs) Conducted by a certified Red Cross First Aid Instructor. This non-certification program is our most popular workshop. We believe that we offer the best equipped trainers combined with real world experience to provide the tools to help your family and friends effectively learn about infant andéor child safety in your home. We recommend groups of 10-12 participants from both the costing and effective learning perspectives] but it is really up to you. Ten years plus of experience has shown us that if you gather immediate family, some friends and a neighbor or two, you will surprise yourself by how easy it is to get the ideal group size together. As you will see from our pricing below, this amounts to typical rates of between $30-$40 dollars per participant. Generally weekends, evenings, and daytime courses are readily available with advanced booking. Typically the program covers infants or children (depending on the group’s interest and need) on a wide range of focused topics including: *choking – response and prevention * cpr – theory and practical skills training using mannequins * allergies – prevention and response, understanding the auto-injectors/Epipen * asthma – theory and response basics, use of chambers * prevention of incidents * common accidents and anecdotes to make your home safer * intro to defibrillation * Shaken Baby Syndrome, Poisons… * (and any other topics the group wants) Our session is usually 2-3 hours depending on group tolerance. Ideally the room can be set up with chairs in a ‘U’ (open space in the middle) and the instructor at the front but we can work in any environment as needed. Click here for detailed set-up information if you have booked a course – this should be hyperlinked accordingly. We will of course deal with your specific concerns and help alleviate some of those fears and unknowns. We look forward to working with you and becoming a partner in keeping your whole family safer.