Private in-home family workshops

* Infant CPR and Home safety basics
* Infand/ Child CPR
* First Aid for infants and children
* Adult CPR Basics
* Customized programs to meet your families requirements.
Of course, Certification Courses are always available for on-site training as well.

Four Chambers also offers:

Celebrity and Athlete Discreet Programming

skyline condos torontoThis is a VIP program customized to meet the lifestyle needs of the film, media, celebrity and professional athlete industries. Our professional and discreet staff come to your home or studio and offer customized programs for your family, staff, security and assistants. Take your safety and your familys safety into your own hands. Most industry professionals we have encountered recognize the strong need for defibrillators in both the work and home environments. Our sales expertise and discreet guidance will take you from A through Z. Contact us for details and an initial free consultation.

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Guest Speaking/ Expert Panel Discussions

Lawyer, Camp Director, Emergency Medical Responder, Expert Educator, Provincial supervising instructor for the Canadian Red Cross, School Safety Expertise, Boards Of Education P.D. Programs, Weather and Flight expertise

Lunch and Learn Business Seminars

Our staff will come to your boardroom to keep staff up to speed on health and safety requirements specific to your needs and industry. Join our perpetual program and market yourself with our F.C.S.S. Safe seal stamp of approval!