The basics that every parent, caregiver and family member must know when there is an infant or child in the home. Our second most popular non-certification workshop:

Duration:2-3 day- 14-16 hours

Emergency Medical Responder/ Licensed Canadian Red Cross Instructor on site training; In the comfort of your own home; Creating a circle of care around your family. Focus is on the day to day most likely first aid incidents, treatments and prevention techniques when caring for children. This course includes, cuts, scrapes and bruises, nosebleeds, severe bleeding, sprains, strains and breaks, heat and cold emergencies and much MUCH more. For details click here. (see below)This course is often done as a follow-up to our CPR workshop for the home. Details: In this course, the instructor will work with the group in understanding each of the most likely to occur injuries and incidents when there are children in the home. The session will include scenarios, worksheet programs, take away materials, resources and a home safety planning guide. While the instructor will add to the core program based on group needs, the session typically includes burns, cuts, scrapes, bruising, soft tissue injuries, splinting and slinging, sprains, strains, breaks, hypothermia, heat stroke, frost bite, and many other must-knows`if there is a child in your life.